Welcome to Hartman & Williams LLC; In today’s world public services must meet a range of customer needs that is more complex and diverse than in any other sector. In the US alone, over 72 million people can – at any given time – place extraordinary demands on public services. locally, this means a customer base of several million.

While improving service and reducing costs, governments must find different and more innovative ways of providing everything from education, health, local services and transportation to policing, environmental, border control and defense. 

We at Hartman & Williams bring together a team with expertise across the entire spectrum of public and Governmental services. 

We challenge conventional thinking to deliver exceptional outcomes that create lasting impact for citizens and local governments.

Here at Hartman & Williams

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With government spending now representing approximately 27 percent of the $80 trillion total global economy. Hartman & Williams works with state and regional governments, city municipalities, quasi-government agencies such as development funds and trade associations as well as government-owned companies to realize their economic and social goals.

The public sector’s influence comes directly, through government entities, state-owned enterprises and institutional funding, as well as indirectly, through regulation and oversight. The sector is facing major challenges, such as rising costs, growing deficits, shifting centers of economic activity, a burgeoning war for talent and increasingly demanding customers.

Recently, the use of stimulus funds and regulatory reform has further blurred the lines between public and private entities.

Both long-term trends and recent events forced the public sector to adopt lessons from private enterprisees in several areas.

Hartman & Williams works with bold, ambitious leaders who are not satisfied with the status quo and eager for change to address the key strategic tools that improve performance and help public sector entities do the work they do better.

Our experience serving public sector clients encompasses the following areas, to name a few: See our Services section for a complete list.

  • GAAP Financial Statements Convert cash basis financial statements to GAAP.
  • Compilation of Capital Assets Capital asset info compiled to meet state & federal requirements.
  • Cash Reconcilements Assistance with bringing reconcilements up to date to meet state statutes for timely record keeping.
  • Internal Controls Assistance in analyzing and adopting internal controls.

Our Services

What Service We Offer

For a complete list of services and a full description of each service please click on the (All Services) button to the right.

Tax Return Preparation

Includes sales, utility receipt, & payroll tax reporting

Compilation of Capital Assets

Capital asset info compiled to meet state & federal requirements.

Cash Reconcilements

Assistance with bringing reconcilements up to date to meet state statutes for timely record keeping.

Accounting Support Services

Provide support/training to office staff in performing routine & non-routine processes.

SEFA Preparation

Preparation of the Schedule of Federal Activities reflecting grant records for federal programs.

Annual Report Preparation

Prepare annual reports reflective of the accounting records & assisting in entering into the Indiana Gateway for Government.

Meet our Staff

Michael E Williams C.P.A (Partner)

Mike holds a Bachelor of Science Degree from Indiana State University.

Autumn Dean (C.P.A)

Need Bio

Bruce A. Hartman, C.P.A. (Partner)

Bruce holds a Bachelor of Science Degree from the Kelley School of Business at Indiana University. 

Donna D. Vinson (Associate)

Donna holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Accounting from Ball State University.


Dee A. Williams (Associate)

Dee holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree from Indiana State University


Jackie J. Winstead (Office Manager)

Jackie started employment with Michael E. Williams, C.P.A., L.L.C. in January 2011.


Hartman and Williams also employs associates throughout the state who have specialized skills and experience in the required accounting practices and software systems in place for Indiana governmental units.

Some of our Clients

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