Services provided, but not limited to:

Compilation of Capital Assets
Working with you to generate Capital asset info compiled to meet state & federal requirements.

The purpose of a capital asset system is: 1) to provide control and accountability over capital assets, and 2) to gather and maintain information needed for the preparation of the State’s Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR) in conformity with Generally Accepted Accounting Principles and in principle with Governmental Accounting Standards Board Statement 34.

Cash Reconcilements
We provide Assistance with bringing reconcilements up-to-date to meet state statutes for timely record keeping.

Streamline your reconcilement process with our Account Reconcilement services. We have several options available that can enhance your account information through electronic data transmission and consolidated reports, as well as minimize loss due to fraudulent checks.


Budget Preparation
Work with officials to prepare budgets & assist in DLGF budget approval process.

The budget order is a critical document in calculating tax bills. The order contains the state's certification of the approved budget, the certified net assessed value, the tax rate and the levy for each fund of each taxing unit in a county. The order also gives the total tax rate for each taxing district.


Annual Report Preparation

Prepare annual reports reflective of the accounting records & assisting in entering into the Indiana Gateway for Government.

The State Board of Accounts has implemented the new Annual Report system beginning in 2011 through the Indiana Gateway for Government Units (Gateway), modernizing the way we collect and publish local government financial information. 

Annual Report data will be available online for all to view.  With this electronic data, user-friendly reports and interactive research tools will be placed online, increasing transparency and accessibility of local government financial information for the citizens and taxpayers of Indiana.  Units of government and taxpayers will have tools to better understand the services local governments provide and the associated costs.  With this resource, figures can be easily compared against other units, analyzed per capita, and put in the context of economic conditions.  Financial data regarding 2011 receipts, disbursements, and balances have been added to the Public Data Site for those units that have submitted their Annual Reports.  This same data will be available for the 2012 calendar year after the reporting deadline.

Gateway was developed as a collaborative project among the Department of Local Government Finance (DLFG), the State Board of Accounts (SBoA), and the Indiana Business Research Center (IBRC) at the Kelley School of Business through the Information for Indiana (IFI) initiative.  Information regarding the Department of Local Government Finance portion of the Gateway (Budget Submission) can be found here.  Information about IFI is available here.


Tax Return Preparation
Includes sales, utility receipt, & payroll tax reporting


Accounting Support Services
Here at Hartman & Williams we provide support/training to office staff in performing routine & non-routine processes.

Our Accounting Support Services provides professional, affordable bookkeeping services throughout Indiana beyond. Let us help when you don't have the staff, time or knowledge to do it all yourself.

Bookkeeping with professional care and accuracy … that's what we do! Whether you need a limited engagement like QuickBooks® training or ongoing bookkeeping and payroll services, we can help you. Our clients include all types of businesses and non-profits. CPAs love us because company files are clean and reconciled, saving you money at tax time.

Our friendly, full-charge bookkeepers have lots of experience and it shows! You can depend on our knowledge and attention to detail to provide you with accurate, timely information. Let our personal accounting services save you time and frustration so you can concentrate on business.


SEFA Preparation
Preparation of the Schedule of Federal Activities reflecting grant records for federal programs.

Nonprofit organizations receiving federal funding have specific responsibilities required under OMB A-133. One of the most important responsibilities required is the preparation of the Schedule of Expenditures of Federal Awards (SEFA).


Grant Administration
Performance of tasks relating to record keeping and reporting for state and federal grant programs.

Since 1994, the State of Indiana has required formal certification of all persons administering Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) projects in Indiana. The administration of grants involves complex administrative and financial procedures regulated by federal and state policies. Knowledge of the applicable regulations and policies is essential to achieve a high level of efficiency in the oversight of grant awards. The needs of the constituents are more adequately met. Certification is like an insurance policy that protects grantees from unnecessary monitoring findings due to inexperienced administrators.



Subsidiary Ledgers
We will Assistance in balancing subsidiary records to control balances for ditch funds, meter deposits, trust accounts, and various other applicable funds.
The subledger, or subsidiary ledger, is a subset of the general ledger used in accounting. The subledger shows detail for part of the accounting records such as property and equipment, prepaid expenses, etc. The detail would include such items as date the item was purchased or expense incurred, a description of the item, the original balance, and the net book value. The total of the subledger would match the line item amount on the general ledger. This corresponding line item in the general ledger is referred to as the controlling account. The subsidiary ledger balance is compared with its controlling account balance as part of the process of preparing a trial balance.

As part of an audit, a method of testing balances may include tracing individual acquisitions to the subsidiary ledger for amounts and descriptions. The objective of this test is to determine that the current-year acquisitions schedule agrees with related subledger amounts, and the total agrees with the general ledger.